Mounting Systems Guide

Are you new to overlanding and feeling overwhelmed by the process of mounting a rooftop tent to your vehicle? Questions about crossbars, racks, weight limits, and compatibility can certainly add to the confusion. But fear not! In this guide, we’ll simplify the process and provide you with all the information you need to get started.

  • Dynamic Weight Rating:

    When considering crossbars or racks for your rooftop tent, the dynamic weight rating is crucial. This rating indicates the maximum weight the bars or rack can support while the vehicle is in motion. It’s essential to ensure that this rating matches or exceeds the weight of your rooftop tent.

  • Static Weight Rating:

    Equally important is the static weight rating, which determines how much weight the rack can support when the vehicle is parked. This rating should be sufficient to hold not only the rooftop tent but also its occupants comfortably.

  • Types of Racks:

    While navigating the world of racks, you’ll encounter crossbars, roof racks, and bed racks. The good news is that our Unplug Outdoor Co. RTTs are compatible with most crossbars, roof racks, and bed racks available on the market. However, the choice between these options may depend on various factors like vehicle availability and additional mounting needs. Crossbars offer a cost-effective solution and are compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Roof and bed racks are the next step up and give you a handful of additional uses which we’ll go into more detail below!

Roof Racks
Truck Bed RackS
  • ¬†Additional Uses for Roof & Bed Racks:
    Beyond mounting your rooftop tent, roof and bed racks offer additional utility when compared to crossbars. These versatile accessories allow you to attach LED lights, storage cases, solar panels, and even tools like shovels and axes, enhancing the functionality of your vehicle for any adventure. When not adventuring, they also come in handy and provide a helping hand by giving you the capability to haul larger objects safely.

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